29 augustus 2014

A walk through shoreditch

Hi there, it has been a loooong time.

I'm very sorry for not updating my blog, forgive me! It has been so busy: I have been to Greece, France and London so I didn't have much time and the internet was hopeless! 
More about France an Greece later, it's time to talk about London!

I went to London with my boyfriend and we both love arts, design and architecture and guess what? London has all of them! 
I love guiding my family and friends in cities and discovering nice places so
 today I want to guide you through my all-time favourite place: 

(and a bit of whitechapel and hoxton)

Shoreditch is a part of East London and is a place full of nice places, nice people and lots of vintage shops and graffiti. 

Allright, this was our walk! (my excuses for my wonderful paint skills)

Our walk started in commercial street: typical London with lots of buses and trafic.

Our first stop was a pub/bar/restaurant/coffee bar/??...: the Culpeper (1)
The interior and the breakfast are to die for! 
We had breakfast (all included) for only five pounds but I heard that their lunch is delicious too!
They have their own rooftop farm/garden so everything is fresh fresh fresh! (yes you can picnic there omg)

Afterwards we went to old spitalfields market (2). A lovely old vintage/handmade market surrounded with beautiful shops.

After visiting the market we turned right to walk towards brick lane: my favourite street: supervintage streetart! Our first stop there is the Old truman brewery (3). An old brewery where everything hip and arty comes together.  We went to a vintage market in the bassment and it was supersuperlovely.

a  must see  for music lover over there is rough trade:

Follow Brick Lane to spot the coolest people and discover the coolest shops and graffiti

Our next stop is Boxpark (4). A popup mall full of nice little shops (most of them are skatestyle).

Our last stop was a stop for dinner at The Breakfast Club Hoxton (5)
We ate delicious burgers and the homemade ice tea is great!
 The interior is cosy and retro and the people are so nice (they donate a lot to charity!), 
we will definitely come back!

I hope you enjoyed this article (although it's way too long and it contains too much pictures)
 I will tell you more about London soon! 


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