10 juli 2014

Sweet coffee (and lunch) times

As i'm a fulltime coffee addict, i wanted to share my favourite places with you. I like my coffee special and sweet with lots of marshmallows, cream, milk, chocolate,.. (fatfatfat).  I rarely find these spots so I thought other persons might also have this problem so here a little sweet coffee-guide. These places are also highly recommended for their lovey interior, the best cake & great lunch and/or breakfast.

1. Ghent

- Barista -
Anything special? The best vanilla latte ever + latte art workshops

- Simon Says -
Anything special? Ahh the cake.. and the coffee.. + it's also a bed&breakfast!

- Cafe Labath -
Anything special? The cheesecake, SunnySoda, Cappucino Star,..

- Panorama -
Anything special? Coffee with whipped cream and a chocolate crunch

- True Beans -
Anything special? Brunch, sandwiches, the interior, homemade iced tea,..

2. Brussels

- Jat' Café -
Anything special? The retro interior, the cupcakes and the bagels

3. Antwerp

- Barnini -
Anything special? the Bartiti coffee (see above), Iced Violetta, Mojitonade, coffee with cookie crunch, smarties,.. homemade pies & fresh bagels

Feel free to share your favourites and tips in the comments!

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